Seal and wax set dedicated to Dante Alighieri


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Seal set dedicated to the memory of the great poet Dante Alighieri and realized to celebrate the anniversary of his death 700 years ago.

Set of seals with wooden handle, brass bushing and seal with Florentine lily and red wax package dedicated to Dante Alighieri

Set seal with wooden handle and bushing and brass seal lily with red sealing wax

The package contains with birch wood handle with mahogany finish and brass bushing with an interchangeable screw part for the brass plate with Vitruvian man logo

The red wax bar is made with natural resins of the highest quality with the same original formula of the past and is strictly produced in Italy

We recommend that before using the seal to wet it in water and put a little oil on the part in order to prevent it from sticking to the sealing wax

The package is entirely handmade in Italy with fine paper and lined with velvet inside

The seal being interchangeable can be replaced with the brass seal with letter cod. sl02, half seal with letters cod. sl04 or with the seal logo cod.sl05

The product has the certification 100% made in Italy that guarantees the authenticity and the accurate craftsmanship of these products, which are made entirely by hand by artisans in the industry,

Are the expression of a cultural tradition always current.

Measures: box cm 14 x 6