Large Apple Skin case


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Apple leather pouch or pochette with zipper

Suitable to contain wires, chargers, pens and accessories for the desk or can also be used as a beauty case, soft to the touch, waterproof, design object, does not scratch, washable, non-slip, furnishes the desk and the table.

AppleSkin® is an eco-friendly material produced from apple peels and cores. The result is an eco-friendly, vegan and cruelty-free leather.

The product has a 100% made in Italy certification that guarantees the authenticity and careful craftsmanship of these products.

Made entirely by hand by artisans in the industry, they are the expression of a cultural tradition always current.

Colors: black, dark brown, dark blue, light brown, ivory

Measurements: cm. 17 x 8 x h10

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1 – Blue, 13 – White, 25 – Light Brown, 31 – Dark brown, 5 – Black


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