Heart and leaf keychain in apple skin and metal peace symbol


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The heart and leaves keychain is made of apple leather, metal peace symbol and waxed wire with metal ring

the leaves have a metal ball connecting them.

AppleSkin® is an environmentally sustainable material made from apple peels and cores. The result is an eco-friendly, vegan and cruelty free skin.

the heart-shaped apple skin keychain, a fun and fashionable accessory. You can use it to hang on your key ring or as a glamorous accessory to attach to a purse, pouch or in any other

personal accessory you want. Also, you can consider this heart keychain as a beautiful gift idea. Handcrafted in apple leather

The product has 100% made in Italy certification that guarantees the authenticity and careful craftsmanship of these products.

Made entirely by hand by artisans in the industry, they are an expression of a cultural tradition that is always current.

colors: red

Measurements: 11 x 6 cm.


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