Apple skin paw keychain


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The paw-shaped keychain is made of AppleSkin® leather, metal bone, and waxed thread with a metal ring.

AppleSkin® is an eco-sustainable material made from apple peels and cores. The result is an environmentally friendly, vegan, and cruelty-free leather.

The paw-shaped keychain in AppleSkin® leather is a fun and fashionable accessory. You can use it to hang on your keychain or as a glamorous accessory to attach to a bag, pencil case, or any other personal accessory you want. Additionally, you can consider this ladybug keychain as a beautiful gift idea. Handcrafted in AppleSkin® leather.

This keychain is made with our unique design that makes it exclusive and original.

The keychain is particularly padded with expanded rubber that makes it elastic and soft to the touch.

The product is 100% made in Italy certified, which guarantees the authenticity and careful craftsmanship of these products.

Made entirely by hand by craftsmen in the industry, they are the expression of a cultural tradition that is always relevant.

Colors available are light brown, dark brown, black, and ivory.

Dimensions: 13×6.5 cm (5.1×2.6 inches).

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Black, Dark brown, Ivory, Light brown


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