Writing set with gold small feather pen, ferrule with lily and 3 gold nibs


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Writing set with gold feather pen, lily decorated ferrule, 3 gold nibs and black ink.

  • Natural feather specially selected and cut to size in gold color, suitable for calligraphic writing.
  • This fountain pen is made with a turkey feather colored in gold and a gold lily decorated nib, made with a treated metal alloy that prevents rust and ensures a longer life.
  • This fountain pen is equipped with a special calligraphy nib with an internal ink reservoir to extend the life of the calligraphy stroke, this allows you to write several sentences without having to dip the pen in ink
  • This dip feather pen is very comfortable to hold and balanced, so very useful for practicing different calligraphic techniques
  • The finished feather pen measures 20 cm.
  • The package is equipped with a bottle of calligraphy ink in PVC of 18 ml black and 2 spare nibs gold.
  • Excellent gift idea with excellent packaging and refined design in antique style
  • The product has a 100% made in Italy certification that guarantees the authenticity and the careful craftsmanship of these products, which are made entirely by hand by artisans in the industry, are the expression of a cultural tradition always current

Color feather: gold / Measurements: box cm 10 x 22,5 x 4


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